Measure the quality of each phone call Make every call count
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Measure staff effectiveness
Have the confidence that staff are asking the right questions, capturing the right information, promoting the right products and delivering the best possible customer experience.
Measure customer experience
Phonestat analyses every call that a customer has made to measure the quality of their overall experience.
Questionnaire screen
Identify unhappy customers and take appropriate action to change their perception to a positive outlook.
Four more reasons to love Phonestat
Find important phone calls using our powerful search engine
Agents are provided feedback immediatly via email to help them improve
Every phone call is securely stored for future access
Access powerful drill-down reports to find valuable insights
How does it work?
Design the Questions
You design a set of questions that will be used to evaluate each phone call
Upload the Calls
Each phone call is then recorded & securely stored on our server ready to be reviewed
Reap the rewards!
Calculate the customer experience score using the questions you have designed and hone in on areas for improvement
It really is that simple!
To arrange a demonstration get in touch and we will
introduce you to your nearest reseller.
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